Tent City, OK is calling on you to step up to be an integral part of the foundation of this movement.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT you can to this mission & be at the center of our cause to invoke real change in the lives of those who desperately need it most.

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Your generous contribution empowers our mission to give a voice to the voiceless. Those who so desperately need to be heard & seen are given a platform to share their experience with the world through your support of TCOK.


Together we can rally the public to take notice & build a community that's active in elevating the lives of those impacted out of the hardships they've endured. Together we can invoke a profound movement of altruistic, unconditional love that propels this movement ever-forward.

Stories like those we've documented below put faces and names to what is so often a dehumanized crisis. When homelessness is understood for its complexity & we as human beings see ourselves in those experiencing these traumatic circumstances, then real change can take shape.