who we are

We believe the first step to solving homelessness is to acknowledge that these are people. People that got a hard hand dealt to them, people with families, children, people who fought for this country. We welcome anyone to go watch at least one video on our page because it will change the way you view homelessness and its victims. 


Our goal is to spend as much time as we can in the camps talking to people, learning their stories and capturing it for others to see and experience. We make at least one trip down there a week to film and we bring supplies/survival gear/food to hand out each filming session. 

Donations and drop-offs are welcome for our weekly trips to hand out. 


We would also like to leave an open invitation to anyone that would like to join us when we film, because nothing can replicate the impact of being there in person and hearing them speak first-hand.


For anyone wanting to get involved, ask questions, or partner with the mission - we can be reached on any of our online platforms or at